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Everybody has a story. Design helps tell your story.

You know what they say about first impressions; you only get one. Professional design helps you make the best first impression; it helps you get a second impression, and a third.

When you have something that is thought through, designed well, and aesthetically pleasing, it sets you up for repeat customers. Think about your own consumer experiences. When something is designed well, you notice it, you pick it up; you engage with that product or service. When something is poorly designed, you probably don’t even take the time to see what they are offering. It may be fantastic; but because of poor design, you pass it by.

Don’t be passed by. Start off with good design and make a great first impression.


Let’s create something excellent together.

Logo & Identity Packages • Stationery • Publication Design

Advertising & Marketing Collateral • Web Design

Brent has done amazing work for Mid-South Wedding Ideas. Everything from designing our logo, to making updates when we changed publication names, to helping us learn the ropes of what it takes to put together a magazine, right down to providing us and our advertisers with beautiful, dynamic, on-trend content. Brent is timely in his responses, available for last minute edits, and always encouraging. I could not have made a better graphics choice than Brent Ellis Design.

Heather Marsalis

Publisher, Mid-South Wedding Ideas

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Let’s create something excellent together.

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